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Renewing our focus on the voice of patients and families

Delivering an outstanding patient experience is a central focus for Osler. In July 2015, we introduced a regional Chief Patient Experience Office with our partners at the Central West CCAC and Headwaters to lead pioneering strategies that will enhance the patient experience across the continuum of care.

Creating an exemplary patient experience includes deepening and expanding engagement strategies around patients and families at points of care across the continuum and within our own organization. Partnering and co-creating care plans together with patients and health care providers, recognizing clinical and “lived experience” expertise, enables us to collectively develop the best possible approach to care. Through a Patient and Family Advisory Council and various Patient and Family Advisors, we’re using patient voices to shape key strategic plans, influence recruitment decisions, inform policy and co-lead system integration initiatives. Engaging with patients, families and care providers in different ways ensures we are meeting their needs and providing an excellent patient experience.

Our quality work across the continuum of care is also tightly woven into the fabric of the patient experience. Integrating the patient experience in our quality improvement planning allows us to recognize the connection between patient safety, efficiency and quality outcomes with the importance of respectful and rational-based care. Our focus on measurement and intelligence highlights the value of patient satisfaction and experience data as it positively impacts the quality of care, communication and information sharing at care transitions.

Sharing knowledge and training our teams is critical to a positive patient experience. Evidence-based design workshops teach staff how to elevate the voice of the patient and partner with them to co-design improvements to the health care system. We’re also using evidence-based leadership principles to further emphasize the value of patient rounding, as well as informative and respectful communication, between patients, families and health care providers.

Taking a collaborative approach to patient care and standardizing our practices, while recognizing the unique needs of our diverse patient populations helps us ensure we deliver outstanding care to every person, every day.