11:36 p.m.

Lawrence's Story

Lawrence Kolyn hadn’t visited a hospital in years. When he started to slur his speech his wife knew there was something wrong and brought him quickly to the emergency department at Etobicoke General.

He was having a mild stroke, a life-threatening emergency that needs immediate intervention to save brain cells (1.9 million die every minute after a stroke) and lives. Lawrence was admitted to the ICU where he worked with a team of nurses, a neurologist and a physiotherapist for nearly six days to get his hypertension symptoms under control and improve his motor function before being discharged home.

Noting that Etobicoke General is a busy community hospital, Lawrence credits his care team with being thorough and providing patient-inspired care to everyone in the ICU regardless of the demands on their time.

“I was treated very well,” said Lawrence, praising the helpful nature of the entire care team.

Lawrence was also inspired to make positive changes to his diet and management of stress to help maintain his health. He continues to work with a specialist to help manage his medications to treat his hypertension.

Osler has seen a seven per cent increase in stroke cases since 2009. Over the past year we’ve laid the groundwork to establish a stroke program to enhance stroke care for patients like Lawrence from prevention, to life saving intervention, to rehabilitation.